we offer a variety of services here at Meticon Bikes. Below is a list of common services and prices available.

tune up: $40

This service keeps your bike in good condition and is a excellent way to catch and repair minor issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems.
“Occasional” riders might only need one tune up a year. High mileage and year round riders will need several a year, especially in the wet seasons. A tune up consists of:

  • General safety check and inspection
  • Cleaning and lubrication of drive train
  • Cable lubrication
  • Brake adjustment
  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Tire pressure

full tune up: $70

A full tune up goes a little deeper into the mechanics of your bike. Few riders would need this more than once or twice a year. A full tune up consists of:

  • all items covered in a tune up, PLUS:
  • Bearing adjustment
  • Wheel truing/tension check
  • Drive train removal for cleaning/inspection

overhaul: $135

If regular maintenance is performed on your bicycle, a overhaul is very rarely needed. If you’ve been neglecting your bike, or rescued it from someone’s basement this service is a great way to get your bike running smoothly and back on the road. Since your bicycle will be mostly disassembled in this service, this is a great time to replace any parts with little or no extra labor charges. A overhaul consists of:

  • all items covered in a full tune up PLUS
  • Clean and replace loose wheel bearings
  • Clean and replace loose headset bearings
  • Clean and replace loose crank bearings
  • **Note, extra charges do apply for cartridge bearings.

wheel service: $30

includes truing, bearing replacement and re-grease

wheel build: $30

this is for the labor to build and true a wheel.

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