New display bike!

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Recently aquired a beautiful 1930′s Philips bicycle. Not a museum quality piece in pristine shape, this bike has been used frequently and hard, but it still rides sooo smooth. It’s from a time and place where people who depended on their bikes to get around demanded them to be simple and tough (and didn’t mind if it was a little heavy!) .

That time of the year…

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The rains have started and the cold is coming as well. Time to take a deep breath after the busy summer. Maybe get around to all those personal projects that are sitting around the shop.

It also means that turn around time for most services like Tune-Ups can be completed as quick as the same day!

Give us a call for more info.

Random Bike Tip

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Pump up your tires! Pump up your tires! Pump up your tires!

Many people do not realize that tires and tubes are not completely airtight. They lose pressure over time. In fact the skinnier the tire the faster the pressure will fall. For maximum efficiency and to reduce the possibility of flats you should check road bike tires once a week. With mountain bike size tires you can go a little longer maybe at least every other week. A good floor pump with a gauge is recommended!

Hopworks Biketobeerfest

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Bikes and beer what’s not to love?! Hopworks is a nice place and I’ve got some friends over there, gonna try to take a little time away from the shop on Saturday to check this out.

Block Party?

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Fun on Foster update:

Looks like one of Meticon’s neighbors are doing the paperwork for a full on block party here on 60th by the shop for the 26th. If he gets all the  signatures he needs we might be getting rowdy in the street…

Update 9/1009 : Everything is still  a go! Many different artists, musicians, and other performers (fire dancers!) have shown interest in participating!

Fun on Foster

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September 26th 10am to 5pm. Every year Fun on Foster gets a little more intersting! As usual the Trolley will be running up and down Foster ferrying people to all the highlights along Foster. This year there will be events, artists, venders and others up and down the street. A little mural walk, bouncy castles for the kids, music, all sorts of stuff.

Here at Meticon we’ll be out on the sidewalk doing a free bike clinic and other bike themed stuff, details to come….

Foster Powell area to get two new bike routes

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Two proposed bike routes are in the planning stages. One up 52nd and the other coming down Center. Apparently one proposed connection point between the two may be the crosswalk in front of Slingshot and the Gunroom. Nice to see more  improvements coming to our neighborhood!

Fourth of July!

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We’re going to be open for just a couple hours. 12pm – 2pm. Got BBQ’s to attend!

Meticon Has Expanded!

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We sure kept ourselves busy this winter, and now all that hard work has paid off! Meticon is bigger, better and greener (quite literally). Wehave expanded from our small showroom to the larger corner lot next door. There is more space, more products and more BIKES!

Please come visit our newly improved store. In the meantime, enjoy some photos!


Veer, the movie

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Some local film makers have been documenting parts of Portland’s thriving bicycle culture. A little bit of filming was done right here at the Meticon! The first screening is tonight. According to the website all the seats are taken but you can watch the trailer at

Fun On Foster!

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This Saturday, the 13th, is the annual Fun on Foster event from 10am to 5pm. Come check out your neigborhood! Art, music, and various other activities will be happening up and down Foster.  

At Meticon we will be doing a free bike clinic. Does your ride need a little love? Bring it down.

meticon bikes is one year old!

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So, it’s been a whole year! We are shocked and amazed at how great this past year has been, and couldn’t be happier. The peeps here at meticon bikes want to give a big thank you to all our supporters. Here’s to many more fantastic years of bicycle goodness.

ride safe!

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