Final Reminder!

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A little note from Jenny who is organizing the Bicycles for Humanity collection:

Bike collection for South African schoolchildren at Washington High School TOMORROW 10AM! Look for the pretty blue shipping container on SE 14th and Alder. Pass the word along!


more info at

I’ll be there as well helping load or whatever is needed. Come down say hello and bring an unwanted bike to donate!

Shop cat!

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Manning the register is Simba (aka Sable aka Simble ) . Actually he is more the neighborhood mascot but he does spend a lot of time in the shop just hanging out.

Don’t forget to donate your unused bikes!!

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Just a reminder that this weekend is the big bicycle collection event for the Portland chapter of Bicycles for Humanity.

Saturday, April 24 at the old Washington-Monroe High School on SE 14th and SE Alder from 10am-4pm. Do a little spring cleaning and bring down that old clunker you don’t ride anymore! Check the above link and the blog for details!

From retail_photos

Retro direct again….

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This actually is the first retro-direct bike I built. Some folks have been quite interested in these builds so I posted a video of this one as well on youtube

Pedal Nation

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Checked out the event. Very well done. If you’re into bikes it is well worth the $7. Might go back tomorrow to see some of Sundays Dual Stunt event at noon.

Bicycle shoes and shows.

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Today and tomorrow is the Pedal Nation event down at the convention center. Looks like all sorts of stuff is going to be on display. Numerous events and vendors local and non-local. If I can I’ll be sneaking away from the shop later to check it out!

A couple weeks back Chrome (the makers of the bags) announced that to promote their new line of shoes if you sent them a an old pair of crappy shoes they would send you a free pair of their’s. It was for two days only and after looking at the specs and seeing that they were specifically designed for city riding and using toe clips and straps, I sent an old pair off just before the deadline. Apparently they were overwhelmed getting many thousands of pairs sent to them instead of the few hundred the expected so I’m still waiting to receive mine.
I’m awaiting them eagerly as I very much dislike clipless pedal and shoe systems for daily use. These are the first non-clipless bicycle kicks I’ve seen in ages that are affordable. I’ll post a review when I get them.

Retro Direct two speed!

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Here is a fun little project we put together last week. Two speeds, no shifter, no internal gears.

You can check out a video of it here

Bicycles for Humanity

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A worthy cause is Bicycles for Humanity. Our local chapter is getting ready to do a collection to send to South Africa. The idea is to take unused or unwanted bicycles (fat tires please!) and relocate them to where people usually have only one transportion option: walking. Walking is good for ya but is awfully slow if you have many miles to go. Go here to read about the local chapter of B4H. The collection day is planned for April 24th at Washington High School. You don’t have to wait till then, you can donate money or bikes right now. Follow the above link for the local chapter to see how…

Good News Everybody!

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If you’ve watched or read any local news lately you’ve probably noticed some stories about the Portland Bike Plan. Yesterday it was passed by city council! Hurrah! The only thing is that it is just a “plan” and plans once approved are not automatically funded. Fortunately things look good for this one as there is a lot of momentum for the plan and Mayor Sam Adams has pledged to come up with a substantial fund to get the ball rolling….

Actually over here in the Foster Road area we know a lot about approved plans that don’t get funded. The Foster Streetscape Plan has been around for quite a while but without any dollars to implement it. About a year or two ago Foster was added into the Lents Urban Renewal Area. This made our area eligable for, and many have made use of, the Business Loan and the Store Front programs. It also meant possible funding for various improvements as well as for the Streetscape plan. No funding had actually been put aside for it until recently. On Wednesday night the Lents URA Transportation Task Force voted to fund several projects one which is the Foster Streescape! There isn’t enough money to do the whole plan right now but it raises my hopes that there is at least some actual money actually committed to infrastructure improvements on Foster!!

For more info on the Bicycle Master Plan check the site

Of course has good coverage and commentary on this and other bike related stuff

If your interested in the Lents URA check here

To see the Foster Streescape Plan go here and download the pdf from the top list.


After Tweed

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Great times at the tweed ride! If you missed out you check it out next year. To see some pics hop on Flickr here

If you live in the deep south east and don’t want to ride to skidmore fountain all by your lonesome, come meet up with meticon and friends to ride to the tweed ride meet up spot.

  • We will be departing meticon bikes no later than 10:15. Join us!
  • (There’s a coffee shop next door if you need a pre-pre-ride pick me up.)
  • whats with the tweed ride, you ask…

Sheldon Brown

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Sheldon Brown.

Tweed Ride Update!

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Finally some new info about the Tweed ride. They have a web site up with a brief description. Just in time I’m finishing up a ’52 Raliegh Sports with fully enclosed drive train, 3 speed,  front Dynohub (with LED’s in place of the original dim bulbs), and front/rear racks. All I need is a pic-inic basket!  Time to grow a mustache and bust out the  ol’ wool knickers…

Tweed Ride in Portland

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While I can’t find any further information than this bikeportland story I’m excited about this tweed ride. It’s supposed to include tea and lunch and and you are encouraged to dress in a “dapper” fashion and to ride old vintage cruisers and utilitarian bikes similar to the Philips bicycle I mentioned in an earlier post.  If anyone knows anything new email me please!


It’s a new year!

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After a nice little vacation we are back!


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Veer, the movie about Portland bike culture, is out on DVD. It’s an excellent documentary focusing on four people from the local bicycle community. Of course myself and the shop are in it for a moment or two so I can’t claim to be unbiased! Check it out for yourself here.

Happy Holidays!

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We will be closed Dec.24th through Jan. 5th for a little holiday vacation!

Closed for Thanksgiving

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As you might expect we will be closed on Thanksgiving for a bit of feasting. We’ll be open Friday and Saturday as usual.

New pages!

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Added a couple new pages including a how to section and a gallery. Just three articles for now in the how to area. We’ll be adding to that and the gallery in the near future!

UPDATE:Info@meticonbikes is back up!

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If you’ve tried to email the shop recently  you may have noticed that the email has not been working.  Sorry about that! We recently changed hosting providers and are still working out some kinks.  It should be fixed soon.


All fixed! Email away!

New bikes on the For Sale page!

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Over the busy busy summer the bikes sold so fast they never made it on the website. No longer! Lot’s of bikes are posted from affordable to super custom! Take a look!

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